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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, ENENCHE AKOGWU who was born in Nigeria on 30 March 1980 and passed away on 20 Januariy2012 at the age of 31. We will remember him forever.

If he had a choice he would have decided to stay longer, if only to see the impact of some of the stories he had written. But as fate would have it, he would no longer live in the country he once called home and among the people he once called family.

A journalist with the courage of a warrior and the skills of a master craftsman, Enenche was killed in the line of duty to himself and his fatherland.

Eneche Akogwu, died while working on a report about the recent killings and bombings in the northern part of Nigeria. The religious sect ‘boko haram’ has claimed responsibility for most of those killings.

Eneche Akogwu, was born on the 30th of march 1980 to the family of Mr Jonah and Mrs Agnes Akogwu of Otukpo, Benue state. From the family of 7 Ehenche started out his primary education at saint Frances primary school and secondary education at Saint Paul secondary school Otukpo , both in Benue state.

After his secondary education, he moved on to Benue state university where he got his national diploma in mass communication with an upper credit. He obtained his BSE in 2004 from the department of Mass Communication where he was the best graduating student.
He also bagged the most intelligent student award in the institution for graduating with the best overall CGPA.

His aspiration to be one of the best in his field, led him to further his education by getting a masters degree in mass communication also from Benue State University.

On his career patH his first port of call was the Starix Communications, Makurdi where he joined as a student for his Industrial Attachment Program. He then joined the Independent Television Benin City in Edo state for his compulsory National Youth Service where upon completion he received a commendation certificate from the NYSC.

Enenche worked with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria from 2006-2007 from where he moved to the Independent Television (ITV) in Abuja.
Enenche joined Channels Television in 2008 as a reporter and was posted to Kano as the station’s correspondent.
At Channels television, Enenche covered the northern Nigeria where has witnessed a barrage of bomb attacks orchestrated by the Islamic sect Boko Haram. He won the Channels Television Chairman’s Award for Excellence 2011 for his outstanding contributions. Enenche trained as a hostile environment reporter in Nairobi, Kenya in 2011.

His last report was the coverage of the fuel subsidy removal induced strike in the country where he updated the nation on the situation in Kano state.
Enenche was a resourceful and fearless reporter.
Even though he worked more on the field, his colleagues could also testify that he was a fantastic person to work with.

The family of channels television will miss him and his soft voice.

Till we meet again God be with you till we meet again.
Rest in the bosom of the lord.

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